A lot of you have been anticipating bug fixes from us. Review the list below on what was released these past couple weeks and stay tuned for more update emails coming soon.

Bug’s Resolved:

  • Widget responsiveness on mobile has been fixed.
  • ‘Achievements’ section should now appear on ‘Teacher Details’ page of frontend.
  • You can now add classes back-to-back.
  • Featured image or thumbnail for a program should now upload successfully.
  • New customers won’t be auto-assigned a default gender – it’ll be kept blank.
  • New customers won’t be auto-assigned a default birthday – it’ll be kept blank.
  • Issue of auto-cancellation of plans that were added manually has been resolved (won’t happen moving forward, but plans added in the past may still cancel – just add the plan again.)
  • When the Admin manually books a client into a class from backend, the class will now be deducted from client’s plan number count.
  • If the client purchased a pack of appointments and the client cancels an appointment, they’ll be credited and their appointment number count adjusts accordingly.
  • English to French translations of the days of the week have been resolved.
  • For the ‘video library’ section, selected video categories should display (make sure page template is set to ‘NONE’ if specifying categories).
  • Customers who have already joined the program before the Admin marks it ‘private’ should still have access to the program.
  • Cancelling a subscription within Mastera should now sync with your connected payment processor and completely cancel subscription.
  • Coupons for specific plans should now work.
  • Coupons can be set as either an amount or percentage off.
  • Issue with inability to add new time slots to an existing class has been fixed.
  • On-demand videos will not show up twice on mobile.
  • ‘Sort By’ options for Video section should now be functional
  • ‘See All’ link for video category section should now lead to the correct page and display all videos in that category.
  • Issue of a random, free plan being assigned to customers that were added manually has been resolved.
  • Favorited videos should now appear correctly in customer’s account.
  • Time slots for appointments should now save correctly.
  • There should no longer be a delay between someone joining a program and their profile showing up under a segment for that program.
  • The ‘confirm’ button now works when you are manually charging customers marked as ‘Payment Pending.’
  • Individual account – ‘Intro Video’ option on Main Banner section should function correctly.
  • Issue of new classes not being included as part of the plan has been resolved.
  • Program tab underneath the Customer Account area should now display the programs customer has joined.

If you are still running into any issues, please email us at support@mastera.io.