The world is changing, and as the years go by, people are beginning to value an outsider’s perspective more and more. Personal development coaches are there to support individuals who are trying to achieve their goals efficiently and, more often than not, confidently. 

Confidence plays a significant role in today’s world. With the rise of social media and millions of individuals having personal social accounts, people have become more sensitive about how others see them in person or online. As a result, individuals are self-conscious and tend to doubt themselves. This is where personal development or life coaching comes in. 

Personal development coaching programs are designed to help build and maintain self-confidence. The industry has soared over the past few years, with life coaching being the second-fastest-growing market globally. The life coaching industry has an average annual growth of 6.7%. This is great news for anyone looking for a life coach or anyone looking to become a life coach. 

If you search for “personal development coach near me,” you’ll find many results. But which coaches are genuinely great at their jobs? Take a look at our list of some inspiring and upcoming personal development coaches in 2022. 

What is Personal Development Coaching?

A personal development coach, or a life coach, is a professional individual who expertly creates, explains, and oversees personal growth strategies which help clients achieve their goals. They develop coaching personal development plans to help their clients have an overview of what their goals are and what steps the coach has created to help them reach their goals. 

Here are some reasons why an individual may engage with a personal development coach: 

  • Help people establish their career plans. 
  • Assist individuals looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. 
  • Help develop a person’s communication skills. 
  • Support a client in finding a clear sense of purpose in their lives. 
  • Help overcome a client’s low self-esteem or low confidence. 

It’s important to note that some personal development coaches specialize in a particular area, such as relationship-building, communication, or career-building. This happens because coaches generally want to help others with a niche that they’ve already encountered themselves. This allows the life coach and client to have a shared vision and understanding from day one. 

Personal development life coaching is also hugely beneficial to people because the coaches don’t dictate the action. Instead, they guide a client’s decision-making process and help them look at scenarios objectively. 

Talented Personal Development Coaches to Follow on Instagram 

Here are eight of the best personal development coaches you should follow for inspiration this year.

Jason Phillips – @jphillipsmsw

Jason Phillips

Jason is a certified life coach and therapist. He focuses on providing valuable information to his clients and believes in a practical approach. Jason has built up his reputation and has been featured on the crème de la crème of corporates such as Forbes, FOX, NBC, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, WebMD, and more. 

Jason is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and runs his very own private practice. He also has extensive experience and credibility in areas such as college counseling, community mental health, Veterans, and more. Jason believes in assisting men and women to boost their self-confidence and successfully reach their personal and professional goals. 

He’s also an excellent writer and often shares compelling quotes and captions on his Instagram account.  If you’re looking for a life coach who is willing to share his space and collaborate with you on his profile, Jason is your guy. He believes in hosting regular talks with other experts like life coaches, relationship coaches, and comedians. 

Roma Zaffar – @romazaffar

Roma Zaffar

Say hello to Roma Zaffar, owner of Roma Zaffar Coaching. Roma is a life coach who specializes in helping women overcome cultural differences between eastern and western values. She is one of the coaches who has gone through the transition herself and believes in aiding others in the same scenario. 

Roma has created a life coaching system that helps women make powerful decisions on their own within a new and unfamiliar western environment. She believes in assisting them to gain control and live a life that is well-balanced between physical and emotional realms. 

Roma is big on dreaming large and being courageous enough to follow those dreams and make them a reality in today’s world. In addition to her purpose of helping women become empowered and become the best version of themselves, Roma also specializes in decision-making, relationships, entrepreneurship, self-awareness, career planning, and weight loss.  

If her passion and expertise resonate with you, you can connect with Roma on LinkedIn

Danny Greeves – @dannygreeves

Danny Greeves

Danny Greeves is a popular therapist and coach who enjoys helping individuals live a more fulfilled life. He does this by assisting them in building confidence, improving relationships, and harness positivity in their lives.

After struggling with low self-esteem when he was young, Danny turned to coaching to help bring his confidence levels back up again. Once he experienced life coaching himself, Danny decided to help others and empower them to be transformed as he was some years back. Today, he is a well-known and respected coach who has been featured on FOX, BBC, CBS, and NBC. 

Danny has also worked with clients who have struggled with low confidence and anxiety during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. This was a time when many individuals around the world truly needed assistance and a guiding hand to build up their esteem while in isolation. Danny is known for playing a major role in aiding clients during this time. 

He is also an author and specializes in coaching techniques that many see as unique because Danny provides mindset and leadership training for corporates and individuals. He offers a free assessment to prospective clients and provides insight and a way forward for them should they wish to book an online personal development coaching program with him. 

Samantha Basso – @tuenergiahoy

Samantha Basso

Samantha is a mentor, business, and life coach. She is also the founder of Tu Energía Hoy. Samantha is a coach who believes that life is all about surprises, and she is definitely someone who embraces them. 

She has a busy professional life, but Samantha also practiced oriental medicine, alternative therapies, and personal development practices to overcome her life struggles. Samantha’s offering is unique because she applies neuroscience and ancient eastern wisdom to her coaching programs. 

Like many life coaches on this list, Samantha uses her experiences to inspire her to help others with their life challenges. She assists visionary professionals and creative entrepreneurs transform their business journeys and build confidence within themselves and their creative businesses.

Samantha is a passionate coach and entrepreneur all in one. She wants to see her clients transform their realities and do their work “joyfully.”  Her Instagram has catchy and motivational captions, which are a wonderful addition to anyone’s day. 

Chris Mitra –

Chris Mitra

Chris Mitra is a certified coach who is accomplished and sought-after by many coaching clients around the globe. He works with individuals to help them develop their confidence and guide them to achieving success. 

Chris is also a contributor to BRAINZ magazine and is often a guest on podcasts to discuss and share his experience with building a positive mindset, confidence, and mental health. You can find motivational Friday quotes and a “Question of the week” on his Instagram – treasured information for anyone looking for a boost in their self-confidence. 

He has a background in computer science and has a background in business, too. This is why Chris is so good with a range of business and personal clients. His range of clients goes from University students to C-level executives to corporates and everything in between. 

Chris believes in helping anyone looking for a higher level of self-worth and confidence. He is known for being a confidence and achievement coach who allows clients the space to express themselves in the way they know how to. There is no judgement with Chris, and he is always passionate about his clients and their progress. It’s all about living better, longer, and healthier lives. 

Joc – @coachedbyjovc


If you’re looking for an online personal development coach with flair – Joc is your woman. Joc is a life coach who believes in empowering Black millennial women. She believes in breaking the “strong black woman” stigma and wants to help move themselves away from the back burner and into the light. She believes in prioritizing her clients’ healing and confidence in this modern world through expertise like personality development coaching.  

Joc is all about giving black women the resources and safe space to prioritize their needs first. It’s all about achieving goals and executing anything her clients wish. 

She is very active on Instagram and hosts an excellent mix of content, from inspiring captions to Sip N Chat live broadcasts via IGTV. Joc has become popular with her followers, especially as she was such a great help in helping people feel included during long spells of isolation in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Srishti Mittal – @empoweredmecoaching

Srishti Mittal

If you’re looking for a business and life coach who focuses on empowering women within their careers, Srishti is a top candidate. She has run corporates that have been highly successful, and Srishti believes in taking her learnings from her business experiences and sharing them with the world. 

Srishti found her passion when she began assisting women with achieving more than just their business goals. She helped achieve the right mindset for business and established goals that were pertinent to them at that time in their career. She also plays a big role in guiding women while they implement the strategies that she developed with them. In addition to this, Srishti is a big believer in helping women live on their own terms and choose to prioritize and adapt based on their preferences. 

She is a go-getter and sees challenges and issues as gifts that we can learn from in life. Srishti’s Instagram account is filled with inspiring captions and useful business tricks that are valuable in today’s digital business world. 

James Edwards – @james.edwards.coaching

James Edwards

Last but not least, we have James. He has been a well-established and distinguished individual within Fortune 500 companies over the last 25 years. James is based in the UK and has lived across three continents. His knowledge of multiple cultures and workplaces gives him an enhanced competitive edge. 

He has worked in investment banks and financial services and has seen an endless number of talented employees harm their careers due to a lack of confidence or a negative mindset. 

This led James to focus on assisting men and women with achieving their purpose and mastering their mindset. Once they have achieved this, they can be unstoppable when it comes to reaching their business and personal goals. 

James hosts a range of programs that are tailored to his clients seeking future action plans, healing their mindsets, or finding their true vision in life. Each personal development coaching program has a different scope and price, which can be viewed on James Edward’s Coaching site.

Mastera:  A Superior Personal Development Coach Training Platform 

As you can see, these life coaches have unique backgrounds, niches, and motivations. The key takeaway is that no matter which coach you engage with, you must remember that building a relationship based on a shared vision is an absolute must. Coaches and clients who have common beliefs always work well together. Both the mentor and mentee must consider that and focus on the long-term goals. 

These eight inspiring personal development coaches are individuals to follow and be inspired by – whether you’re thinking of being a client or coaching yourself. 

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