Our Values


We foster an ownership culture not just within our team but also with our customers and partners. We believe our customers should be able to own their content, their customers and their pricing.


We believe in keeping things simple. We believe processes, products & experiences don't have to be complicated. The best ones are always simple.


aka "Continuous Improvement". We strongly believe in continuous small improvements to push the envelope, to make it more powerful and simplify it further.

Our Story

Mastera came out of Gleantap, a customer retention tech startup founded in 2018. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, Gleantap pivoted to offer a solution to its clients (most of which are gym and fitness studio owners) that faced shutdown of their businesses due to government regulations. When the order across the world was to stay at home, we were motivated to help our clients go beyond their brick-and-mortar walls and engage their members at home through virtual training & content.

We initially built the product to just support our clients and continued to evolve it based on feedback and data. With the interest and success we had with the first version of the product, we realized this was more powerful than what we anticipated. We then continued to focus all our efforts in making this the easiest and the most powerful platform for any teaching business. Almost a year in the making, Mastera officially launched in Feb, 2021 open to anyone anywhere with a passion or a skill they want to share with the world and monetize.

Mastera aims to be at the forefront of helping creators continue to adapt, evolve and scale their online business in the changing world that is going virtual now more than ever.