Reports from Statista suggest that the overall OTT video revenue is expected to skyrocket to 210 billion U.S dollars by 2026. And, the numbers aren’t even surprising at this point.

Although quite a fairly new addition to our everyday lives, OTT platforms have managed to sweep their way into our daily schedules, be it for our entertainment or education.


Best OTT Platforms for Video StreamingJust United States alone estimates that the OTT platforms will soon replace the traditional media both for the consumers and advertisers.

OTT platforms offer a lot more than just a simple viewing experience. If you are a fitness enthusiast who wants to pursue a side hustle, you can use an OTT platform to offer paid on-demand fitness classes. If you are a professional chef, you can showcase your skills and help people learn with live streams and online video courses via these platforms. 

However, with so many different OTT platforms available online, choosing the best one can be a little confusing.

In this guide, we will discuss the best OTT platforms and everything you likely need to look into before availing of the services.

What is an OTT Video Platform?

OTT or Over the top streaming services are internet-based platforms that enable you to stream your favorite media content either for free or via a paid subscription module.

These platforms are a boon for content creators and creative heads who want to publish and share their videos directly to the audience instead of being reliant on third-party platforms.

OTT platforms generally include Video on Demand or live streaming services as the two main prospects. However, a few other OTT platforms offer audio streaming, messaging, and even VoIP services.

While many viewers have the misconception that OTT platforms are only meant for entertainment like Netflix and Amazon Prime, that isn’t the case. Several OTT service platforms like Mastera enable you to watch your favorite creators and learn from their videos and courses.

OTT is generally delivered via three primary means-

  • Mobile OTT devices – via smartphones and tablets
  • Personal computers – via your laptop or desktop-based applications
  • Smart TVs – via your smart television using tools like Roku, Amazon Firestick, etc.

Some of the common significances of OTT platforms include:

  • For managing videos
  • Distribute your content globally
  • Monetize your videos and start a side-hustle
  • Acquire proper metrics about viewership for the content creators

Features to Look for in an OTT Platform

When you look up the “best OTT platforms on the internet”, you are going to get a result including countless numbers of OTT services. There are some which offer a reliable video streaming experience, and there are some which are pretty dodgy and sketchy.

While trying to narrow down your choice of the best OTT platforms, there are a few important factors that you need to be mindful of. And, we have sorted them out for you.

1. HTML5 Video

Unless you are a tech-savvy person, this won’t make much of a difference to you. However, an OTT platform with HTML5 coded functions enables users to experience buffer-free streaming with high-quality visuals. Along with that, an adaptive bitrate streaming functionality also contributes to a smoother video streaming experience.

2. Versatile Content Availability

The last thing you want with your paid OTT subscription is to end up investing your money on a platform that doesn’t focus on bringing multipurpose and versatile content.

Take Netflix, for example. Not only is the platform one of the leading OTT service providers, but they also have content ranging across all niches of entertainment. Want to watch something nerve-wracking? They have it. What about a documentary? Well, that have that too.

Branching out with various content availability is what drives the popularity of an OTT platform. If there is just one type of content, there is no point in investing your money in it.

3. Customization Options

Not just that actual video content, the presentation and User Experience of an OTT platform contribute to a make-or-break situation. You want to look into platforms that offer customization needs, be it with the screen you are viewing or the navigation experience with their application or website.

Several platforms offer high customization options, including changing the media player’s look and format, and colors. While it might not be a mandatory thing for every user, it is one for most of them.

4. Integrated Live Streaming Tools

As we said in the beginning, OTT platforms aren’t just entertainment-focused like Netflix and Hulu. Several other OTT services are curated for smaller content creators and businesses who want to indulge in a global reach and eventual side hustle.

If you are a content creator looking to diversify your portfolio for a wider reach, you want to invest in platforms that will allow you to make the most use out of it. Find platforms that offer multiple interactive tools for live streaming, messaging, payment, polls, and even Q&A, if needed.

5. Video Monetization

What is even the point of investing your time, money, and efforts in an OTT platform if you can’t even reap the benefits in the end?

The whole purpose of a business owner or a content creator who is starting their online video streaming service is to monetize the videos and possibly earn a good amount of money from it.

Your primary aim with an OTT platform or vendor is to find one that will include all the latest and necessary video monetization tools and techniques like pay per view, subscription ads, banners, paywall, etc. Aside from that, you also need to look into payment modes, especially when it involves recurring payments.

6. Custom SDKs and APIs

Although we have talked about customizations before, we can’t bypass mentioning these two separately. Not only do this help with seamless and uninterrupted video streaming, it also ensures that your videos have easy playback across applications.

7. Proper IT Infrastructure

At this point, it is not even a question that you need to invest in the OTT platforms that are backed with proper IT infrastructure. From security to storage, the platform should take care of all the needs instead of bumping things on your head.

If we had to recommend, we’d suggest looking into cloud hosting options, mainly because they are a lot more reliable and secure. Also, if you are looking for ideal OTT platforms to publish your content, look for the ones integrated with Digital Rights Management, so your content doesn’t come under the scrutiny of copyrights.

8. In-Built Marketing Solutions

Although quite a rare occurrence, you can find this in a few amazing OTT platforms. This enables you to make the maximum use of their tools to promote your video content and eventually monetize it. Some platforms come with in-built SEO features proven beneficial in making your videos more searchable on the internet.

9 .Backup and Support

If you want to leverage an OTT platform to showcase your videos as a side hustle, you need to ensure that the platform is backed with the best customer support. Ideally, you need an OTT vendor that offers 24×7 customer support so you can reach them with any technical issues.

8 Best OTT Platforms for Over-The-Top Video Streaming

The increasing internet penetration is going to eventually contribute to a brisk growth of online video streaming platforms. So, now is the primal time for you to familiarize yourself with the best OTT platforms that are possibly going to revolutionize the future.


Mastera - Best OTT PlatformMastera is your one-stop solution to turn all your creative talent into a successful business model.

This video experience platform enables you to host live classes, sell online video content, memberships, and subscriptions to help individual content creators achieve financial freedom.

A fairly new yet riveting venture, Mastera was a brainchild of Gleantap, a customer retention tech startup. The best thing about this online video platform is the value and objective they nurture.

Mastera - Host Live Classes

Unlike some of the leading OTT platforms, Mastera believes in ownership culture, which means that the right to the uploaded content on the platform belongs to the content creator. Not just the content, it provides the complete free will to their creators to set their pricing.

Also, the entire platform is designed based on simplicity and minimalism, meaning that none of the processes, products, or services on this platform are complicated. This means that anyone can start their online venture even if they aren’t the most tech-savvy individual.

And, if that wasn’t enough of a deal breaker, Mastera offers a 30-minutes live walk-through setup with the team where you can learn more about the features and the ways you can scale your business to the next level.

Key Features

1. Subscription-based Revenue Generation – As said before, Mastera promotes an ownership model, which means that the content creators have the complete free will to decide their revenue model. You can set your pricing for the online videos under subscriptions or memberships. Tap into the significance of passive income and recurrent payments.

2. Sell On-Demand Content and Courses – Premium content is a mode of strategized marketing for extra income. Mastera helps you achieve that. You can sell merchandize, special community-based online courses, and even one on one consultations.

3. Open channel of Communication – Mastera has a curated text messaging feature that allows you to engage with your audience, answer their questions, and be there for them via an open communication channel.

4. No Booking Fee – Mastera allows you to make 100% of the revenue you generate with no commissions involved.

5. Optimal Customer Engagement – Leverage various intelligent automation and customer engagement tools to bring in new clients and retain the existing ones.


  • Easy navigation and user interface to control class sizes for online courses
  • Offers 1-to-1 calendar bookings
  • Sell programs ( video courses )
  • Doesn’t cut commissions from generated revenue. Just pay the flat monthly subscription for platform. 
  • Supports white-labeled apps for the multi-device experience of the viewers
  • Creates a fully functional ready to use website in 30 mins
  • Create any type of bundles with membership and pay as you go plans
  • Mobile apps and TV apps


  • Lacks inbuilt live streaming. But it integrates with Zoom and YouTube.


You can start with 14-days free trial, following which there are three plans available.

  • Starter – $39/month
  • Premium – $99/month
  • Elite – $199/month

All the plans include uploading unlimited classes and content with separate payment and bookings options and unlimited customers to help multiply your revenue exponentially.



Uscreen - OTT Platform for Video Streaming

If you are particularly looking for an OTT vendor for video monetization, is hands down one of the best. They handle video streaming apps for your TV and smartphones with 30-60 days of average launch time.

From global live streaming services with Video on Demand functions, the platform elevates and propels your streaming business to the next level. The OTT platform also offers variance in business and pricing models with free trials and rentals and PPV.

The best thing about this platform has to be the 4K UHD streaming support that makes the visual experience worth every penny you spend. They also emphasize customization and personalization to align a customer’s brand to their liking. On top of that, you get to make the most use out of all the security features on the platform, including payment data, SSL certifications, 24×7 monitoring, and complete data ownership.


1. Upload and organize – Enables the creators to upload their created content in bulk, schedule them for later publishing and even customize them with filters.

2. On-demand videos – Lock your content and share premium content with customers or viewers for extra revenue generation.

3. Live streaming – Schedule events and include timers to keep your audience hooked for them.

4. Monetization – Earn money via subscriptions or one-time purchases with complete security and protection via credit cards and PayPal.

5. Analytics – Keep a check on the growth of your profile and how well the audience is engaging to further improve your content in the future.


  • Comes with a special “Try Again for Free” feature to retain customers
  • Video player in the platform supports VTT captions and screen readers
  • Compatible with Apple Airplay and Chromecast
  • Built-in marketing tools for seamless customer experience


  • Website platform is a little less responsive


  • Basic – $49/month, billed annually
  • Amplify – $399/month, billed annually
  • Enterprise – Call for a custom quote
  • One time access – Call for a custom quote

The above plans include basic features like onboarding and training, seamless payments and transactions, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and a customized branding experience.

3. Muvi

Muvi - Video Streaming Platform

Aside from video on demand, even audio streaming is gaining rapid popularity, so it isn’t surprising that more and more OTT platforms are being accommodated for the same. Muvi is one such platform. They are one of the few currently available platforms that focus on audio-only streaming too.

Aside from the basic functionalities, the platforms support video on demand, video hosting, and even live streaming services. It encompasses the calibration of full-stack, multi-media services for the users.

So, if your content or business is based on a multi-media approach, this is your best investment to make. It is also one of the few platforms that support live broadcast radio to host your radio shows.


1. Live streaming and VoD – Enables creators to start their live streaming journey and end-to-end video solutions with seamless IT infrastructure and enhanced functionalities.

2. Live broadcast – Launch your radio broadcast channel instantly without any risks of hassle.

3. Enhanced IT infrastructure – Integrated with leading functionalities like cloud hosting, encoding and transcoding, 24×7 customer support, and online video player.

4. Built-in Monetization tools – Allows creators to promote their services and generate revenue via Pay per view model, coupons or promotions, or video advertising.

5. Cross-platform reach – Start your branded website and apps to enhanced marketing outreach and inspire your audience.


  • Integrates video and audio OTT in a single platform
  • Supports audience-building tactics by helping develop apps for iOS and Android
  • Doesn’t require knowing about coding
  • Comes with a plethora of built-in monetization tools


  • Pricing plans are extremely expensive


Muvi currently has five different pricing plans, including:

  • Standard – $399/month
  • Professional – $1499/month
  • Enterprise – $3900/month
  • Ultimate – $8900/month
  • Black – Call for a custom quote

All the plans include a responsive and easy navigation platform with comprehensive video/audio CMS and don’t involve any contracts, so you can cancel anytime you want.

4. Setplex

Setplex - OTT Platform

With so many different OTT platforms and vendors, it isn’t surprising that Setplex stands out with its numerous ranges of streaming services.

Unlike some of the other platforms, this multipurpose one offers broadcast channels, feature intensive web control panel, and a range of monetization methods for ease of channeling good money for yourself.

If you want a holistic approach to meet all your video curation and distribution needs, the platform takes care of that for you. It involves ease of subscription or membership plans, multi-CDN strategy, distribution, and even broadcasting.

Also, the OTT vendor is compatible with multiple platforms, including smart TV, Android TV, Apple TV, PC, and mobile and tablets. Aside from that, you can make maximum use out of the advanced features on the platform, including cloud hosting and middleware integration.

If you are particular about metrics and analytics, Setplex takes care of that for you as well. It enables you to track your content’s performance in real-time to showcase correct data. You can check subscriber data, most popular content, etc., to help you further improve your content for the future.


1. Broadcast over satellite – Enables creators to offer interactive services with multi-screen capabilities to distribute content over satellite.

2. Content management – With complete ownership, the content creators can create and market their content to their free will via multi-streaming channels and the VOD content into seasons with categories and sub-categories.

3. IPTV for government – This allows the creators to share their content with a minimal investment with optimal branding and outreach.


  • Integrated with interactive tools that allow customization of the content depending on the interface they are being played on
  • Supports seamless streaming on up to 3 devices
  • Create and launch your OTT streaming platform within 24 hours


  • Doesn’t have standardized pricing plans


Setplex doesn’t have standardized monthly or annual pricing plans. You need to fill out the form here to get a customized quote for their services.

5. Dacast

Dacast - Stream Video

Curated specifically for businesses and organizations, Dacast is a unified video streaming platform that includes the standard video-on-demand and live streaming services. It supports varying niches of video content, spread across the standard sports and news to events and non-profits.

The platform offers a 30-days free trial without needing your credit card details that allow you to check out their services with up to 10GB of bandwidth. Now is the time to broadcast your video content to fans beyond the standard stands.

The platform is equipped with all the latest OTT features that enable professional broadcasters to take their content to the next level. It enables you to distribute your content securely, thanks to the OTT platform being password protected.


1. Multiple monetization tools – Not just the standard monetization tools, the platform offers you to choose between pay-per-view options or subscription-based monetization options.

2. Secure web hosting – Provides creators with an all-in-one streaming solution with heightened security features to shield the content against cyber threats.

3. Live streaming – Aside from Video-on-demand content, the OTT platform also supports flawless live streaming services with high-quality CDNs.

4. HTML5 Video player – The all-device HTML-5 video player is compatible across multiple devices for a seamless visual experience.

5. Round-the-clock assistance – Thanks to the 24×7 customer support, you get to have all the issues resolved within a matter of clicks.


  • Provides real-time analytics
  • Supports ad-free streaming
  • Integrated with a range of privacy and security tools
  • Backed with live-streaming recording
  • Ideally constructed for every budget needs


  • Requires a little in-depth technical knowledge


Dacast consists of four pricing plans that you can choose from.

  • Starter – $39/month, billed annually
  • Event – $63/month, billed annually
  • Scale – $188/month, billed annually
  • Custom – Call for further quotes

All the plans come with a range of live streaming and OTT features, including live stream recording, unlimited concurrent views, and ad-free HD streaming.

6. JW Player Live

JW Player LiVE - Video Platform

Although quite an underrated platform, JW Player Live is known for its interactive and easy-to-use video player. The platform is quite new and offers a range of live streaming features with other powerful video creation tools to simplify the user experience.

The platform hosts a suite of powerful tools, including HTML5 video support with all the latest technological breakthroughs, including multi-bitrate streaming, Facebook Live simulation, DRM, etc.

The publishers on this platform span across multiple niches, including fitness, sports, faith, Online TV, etc. The primary objective behind JW Player is to enable video companies to connect and engage with their audience without any obstructions in the middle.


1. High-quality playback – Enables users to experience consistent playback with high-quality visuals and video experience to increase your ad revenue further.

2. Immaculate streaming services – Allows you to process and deliver high-resolution videos faster and at a compact file size to the audience.

3. Multiple monetization channels – Backed with industry-leading ad support with enhanced CPM and innovative technologies further to improve your ad revenue in the long run.

4. Viewer engagement – Integrated with a multitude of customer engagement tools and articles to help customers retain their viewership better.


  • Integrated with a high-quality and responsive HTML5 video player
  • Supports high-resolution video streaming services with compact file transfer
  • Has a simple and minimal user interface


  • Limited tech support


Currently, JW Player comes with two primary pricing plans along with the initial 30-days free trial.

  • Starter – $10/month
  • Enterprise – Call for a custom quote

All the plans include an HTML5 video player, video gallery support and starting with 150GB hosting bandwidth.

7. Wowza

Wowza Product

As fun as the platform’s name is, Wowza is another capable and potent OTT streaming platform that you can consider investing in. The entire platform is geared and created to match the needs of professional broadcasters.

The unique approach to this platform is its customized streaming workflows with exterior third-party integration and some other advanced technical features. However, the biggest downside to this platform is the lack of video monetization methods. So, if you are particularly looking for a video streaming platform for internal business, this is your ideal deal. However, if you are looking for a platform to promote streaming as a service, this isn’t the one.


1. Limitless flexibility – Enables you to stream and share your video content across any platform or channel for general or promotional purposes.

2. Customer-centric – One amazing feature of Wowza that makes it stand out from the rest is its customer-centric approach, meaning that its services are tailored for your excellent user experience.

3. Live streaming – Integrating live streaming features with seamless outcomes can be a hard job; however, Wowza makes the process error-free for its users too.


  • Integrated with a range of brand customization tools
  • Powerful video CMS for better distribution of the content
  • Supports 4K UHD streaming services
  • Backed with a range of security functions


  • Doesn’t support video monetization


Wowza comes with a range of unique pricing solutions to cater to the needs and budgets of different level enterprises. Some of them include:

  • Basic – $85/month, billed annually
  • Plus – $499/month, billed annually
  • Enterprise – Call for a custom quote

These pricing plans include multi-bitrate streaming, UHD-supported streaming, full brand control with customization options, and professional-grade streaming plans.

8. Kaltura


Ideal for corporate units, Kaltura is another leading and popular OTT platform that enables flexible and collaborative experiences for users.

Primarily designed and developed to cater to SaaS solutions to market, promote and distribute products and services. Like the majority of the other platforms, even this one support live and video-on-demand solution.

The platform also supports multiple video communication tools and meetings along with podcasts for multi-channel marketing. It is also one of the few OTT platforms that support a cloud TV platform that caters to the business’ video streaming needs.

The OTT vendor is also backed with an open API-based architecture that integrates with other applications, including Zoom, Teams, Webex, etc.


1. Interactive video features – The platform not just allows you to distribute your favorite content it also enables you to create, share and even personalize the videos for better engagement and branding.

2. Supports podcast development – Kaltura isn’t just limited to podcasts and enables users to create, edit and upload podcasts with the ideal content creation tools that are available.

3. Kaltura Pitch – An unique intervention, the Kaltura Pitch allows the users to track viewer activity, keep an eye on the metrics, and even curate converting sales pitches for better revenue generation.


  • Designed with a user-centric interface with intuitive web design
  • Enables users to add transcriptions, captions, and translations to videos
  • Integrated with a unique “Townhall feature” that allows the development of webcasts
  • Track video responses, metrics, and sales


  • Lacks good pricing solutions


You have to call to request a quote for their pricing solutions.

FAQs Related To Best OTT Platforms

What are OTT apps?

An over-the-top application is a platform that delivers video content for you to stream via your smartphone, PC, or other devices.

Is Netflix an OTT?

Yes, Netflix is an OTT platform that provides viewers with access to various entertainment videos spanning multiple niches and genres.

What is an example of OTT?

Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are some of the most common examples of OTT platforms available on the internet.

What is an OTT platform?

An OTT platform, known as an Over-the-top platform, is an online video streaming platform that allows users to stream and watch their favorite video content spanning across niches of entertainment, learning, and business marketing.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best OTT Platform 2023? 

If you want to get into video streaming with the rising OTT platforms, these are some of our favorite picks. All of them are integrated with unique and common features that cater to all your video streaming and branding needs for better outreach.

Always ensure that you review your requirements and check the individual platforms’ features before you consider moving forward with your investments. After all, you want this to be a source of recurrent income, so choose wisely.