Additional Fonts

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Want to add a new font to your site to change the look and feel? Custom fonts are now available under My Website – Fonts.

(Pro-tip: make sure not to use comic sans!)



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Want to change the icon of your website? Now you can with Favicons!

This can be found under My Website – Style.


Posts Category section for Page builder


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You can now display specific categories on a page using this section on the Page builder.


Pixel Tracking option under CSS/ JS


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Easily track your marketing campaigns with our new ‘Tracking Codes’ section.


Change Class Reminder Notification Time


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If you want your reminders to go out earlier than 30 minutes before class, you can now adjust that under Account Settings > Class Bookings.


Control menu links under Customer My Account


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This is perfect if you want to highlight one section or remove areas you don’t offer (this is for the sidebar menu that appears within the customer’s ‘My Account’ page). These settings can be found under Website > Menu > Customer Portal.