Mastera is a video experience platform that lets you build, grow, and monetize your knowledge.  

This tutorial will help you understand how to run and manage your business on Mastera from A-Z. 

In this article: 

  • What can you do on Mastera?
  • Getting Started: Onboarding and Account Settings
  • Knowledge Sharing and Content Management
  • Monetization and Marketing
  • Website Build and Customization
  • Ongoing Communication 

What can you do on Mastera?

Mastera’s primary objective is to enable freelancers, instructors, and creators to start and continue running a profitable business based on their own knowledge and expertise. 

The platform’s flexible and scalable features allow creators to offer membership-based video content to customers. In addition, creators can host live classes, on-demand content, and sell digital or physical products at any given time. 

The golden nugget here is that Mastera allows you to make recurring revenue through subscription models of your choice. This is something not many other online teaching platforms offer.  

The pricing tiers are also contract-free, flexible, and affordable. 

Mastera is all about empowering you to share your passion with others and generate an income from doing what you love. 

Getting Started: Onboarding and Account Settings 

When you log into your Mastera dashboard, you will find seven key sections on the left menu: 

  • Getting Started
  • Dashboard
  • Live 
  • Content
  • My Website
  • Grow 
  • Marketing



Each section is designed to help you manage various areas of your knowledge business. 

Getting Started 

When logging into your Mastera account for the first time, visit the Getting Started section. Watch a quick product tour or start creating content from here. 

You can schedule an Onboarding Kick-off call with a Mastera Customer Success Manager, or join our Live Q&A Webinar to help you set up your account optimally. 


We suggest connecting your Stripe Account before you begin creating any content. To do so, click the Connect Stripe Account button on the Getting Started page.


If you prefer to use PayPal, you can configure this via the Account Settings page. 

The Account Settings page allows you to:

  • Set up payment methods
  • Edit your profile
  • Customize your email and SMS templates
  • Set booking rules for classes and appointments
  • Connect your Zoom account
  • Configure a Chat Widget
  • Stay compliant with privacy laws globally by selecting Enable Consent Management under the Compliance tab. 

Account setting

Knowledge Sharing and Content Management

There are five ways to distribute your knowledge through Mastera: 

  1. Teach live classes and host group classes of up to 200 users per class
  2. One-on-one sessions 
  3. Hosting a video-on-demand library on your website
  4. Creating rich content through gated posts
  5. Build courses using videos, classes, and posts 

These knowledge-sharing features can be accessed and managed via the Content and the Live main menu sections.

The Content section has three main tabs: 

  1. Videos
  2. Programs
  3. Posts

Visit these tabs to upload video content, post content, and create your online learning programs. Content can be added here, categorized, and set to either Public, Private or Archive for videos and programs.

Knowledge Sharing

Mastera allows you to upload single or multiple videos at a time by simply dragging and dropping files directly into the platform.

Browse Videos

Monetization and Marketing 

Under the Grow section, you will find information about your:

  • Customers – When someone signs up on your website, you can view their customer information here automatically. You can manually add customers or upload a CSV file with customer information here. 
  • Subscriptions – Shows all your customer subscriptions in one space.  
  • Bookings – Create manual bookings or view bookings from when your customer books one-on-one sessions with you. 

Plans – Build one-time or auto-renewing monthly memberships here. You can bundle classes, personal sessions, video courses, and more.  

All plans

  • Coupons – Use this enticing way to run your promotions and provide discounts to your existing customers. 
  • Transactions – Once customers start making payments, you’ll be able to view and keep track of your Transaction List here. 
  • Reports – Review your collated data from your customers, revenue, class bookings, teachers, and top-performing content. You can create custom reports in this tab too.


You can also sell digital and physical products through Mastera. In this section, you can:

  • Upload products to your online store
  • Categorize products
  • Process orders
  • Manage stock in and stock out 
  • Control tax and shipping 

Add products

Now that we have discussed how to share knowledge and manage your content, let’s look at the My Website section. 

Website Build and Customization

Mastera allows you to build your own website within the platform, so you have all your web and teaching content in one space without needing a third-party website hosting platform. 

Using the Design tab, you can customize your website aesthetic by:

  • Selecting your desired fonts
  • Adding header, footer, and accent colors
  • Adding logos and favicons
  • Linking social media profiles

You can choose to publish your website at any time by selecting the Make My Website Public toggle. We suggest populating your website and clicking Visit Site before making it public to ensure that you’re happy with your site before it goes live.

Publish website

The Profile tab helps you:

  • Add your personal information and bio
  • Add your achievements and personal social media links
  • Review your booking schedule on a calendar

customize web pages

Mastera also lets you customize web pages, menu items, and domains. If you need to, you can add custom code under the CSS / JS tab.  

Ongoing Communication

Engage with your customers through one-on-one conversation via email or text using the mobile app. Or message them through the website. 

create group chats

Chat to individuals or create group chats for specific people. For example, if you own a fitness business, start a group chat for Yoga Class and another for Pilates Class. 

Use the chat feature to: 

  • remind customers of exclusive offers
  • promote product launches
  • share discount codes

Let’s Go!

Once your business is set up on Mastera, focus on promoting and scaling it while teaching what you love doing. 

For more helpful hints, view our tutorial and training videos. 

Need further assistance? Chat with one of our Customer Success Managers.